Lauren Gurvich Lifestyle is a experiential lifestyle and design business that creates meaningful, storied environments for luxury, retail and hospitality clients as well as  brand lifestyle propositions.

After moving to London from the US,  I was lucky to begin traveling extensively on research trips for restaurant and hotel projects and discovered all of the wonderful markets in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Brussels, and created my design and lifestyle consulting business.

We look for timeless designs that are great investment pieces that stand the test of time and select pieces that wil appreciate and add value to your space.

My twenty five year career experience in luxury marketing, technology, and  corporate business development,  plus a shrewd eye for unique designs, has allowed me to be able to source from all over the world. I love the chic and unusual.

We  continue to refine the idea of mixing “old and new” for a layered, eclectic, storied look. Environments with meaning and character show off beautiful and interesting combinations of vintage and modern pieces.

We search for distinctive items with craftsmanship and history of vintage pieces is a perfect answer to that search.  Gone are the days of period-specific spaces such as all modern; instead, there is now more blending of eras which give a sense of authority and soul.

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