My love of interiors has been engendered by my southern interiors loving mother and many friends in the business. Years of living in various homes around the globe and moving frequently created a need to track down local classic interior designs and taught me to not only find unique and classic items but that there is always room to bargain.

After moving to London from the US, I realised that furnishing my new home solely through the expensive design and furniture shops in town was a very costly endeavour. I was lucky to begin traveling extensively on research trips for restaurant and hotel projects and discovered all of the wonderful vintage markets in Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, Brussels, and created my interiors business.

I look for timeless 20th century designs that are great investment pieces one will have for years and years that never go out of style. I select pieces that wil appreciate and add value to your home and bring out the very best in your space. My twenty year previous career experience in luxury marketing, technology, and  corporate business development, combined with an ability to negotiate anything,  plus a shrewd eye for the best twentieth century designs, has allowed me to be able to source from all over the world at fantastic prices. I love the chic and unusual.

Designers and homeowners will continue to refine the idea of mixing “old and new” for a layered, eclectic, storied look. Magazines are full of rooms that show off the beautiful and interesting combination of vintage and modern pieces.  Designers are searching for distinctive items, and the craftsmanship and history of vintage pieces is a perfect answer to that search.  Gone are the days of period-specific rooms; instead, there is now more blending of eras.

When I find a piece that I love, I add it to my stock but my real specialisation is in sourcing specific furniture, art and objects for private and trade clients. I aim not only to show what options there are on the market but then purchase at a price that is significantly lower than available to the general purchaser. Not everyone has the time, desire or contacts to get the widest selection at the best prices and that is where I come in. I can easily find you those few small pieces(perhaps a pair of lamps, a new stool, a sculpture, etc) that will update your home.

Please note, we also provide a bookshelf curation and styling service-consider your bookshelf an artwork and let us help you get it right.

We also source, curate, frame and install vintage photo collections and 20th century vintage oil paintings. We have worked with various complex commercial amd residential projects and can find the right solution for you.

We specialize in auctions (we can find anything), and can help you with interior design.

Please make sure to check out our ARCHIVE secrion-I am able to source many similar items. Also check us out on INSTAGRAM @lgurvichvintage

*Minimum  budget of 2500 GBP required for sourcing projects