Collection Of German Vintage White Porcelain Vases c. 1950’s-1960’s

I love collecting and the art of the collection. Everyone should have a collection of things they love and there is nothing more stylish than displaying one’s collection of objects.

These timeless vintage white porcelain vases are gorgeous and brighten up any space while adding drama and varying heights to a design scheme. The various designs highlighted in this collection will add style and panache to any home. The detail of each is really unique. Individual pieces available or the entire collection.

German white porcelain first came into fashion in the 1700’s when the process was perfected under the supervision of the King and famous German manufacturers such as Meissen began producing intricate designs. All are stamped by their various makers such as Rosenthal, etc.

I saw many of the similar vases in a major showroom in NYC recently for $1500 per vase so these are a steal! Highly covetable so hold onto them if you buy them as they continue to rise in value all the time. A great investment.

These look best in groupings of 3 or 5 or 7….very elegant on a mantel, table, etc

Price: Large Vases 7″ Inches and over 299 GBP and Smaller under 7″ Inches are 265 GBP


Country: German & Barvarian
Creation Date: c. 1950’s-1960’s
Materials: Porcelain
Condition: Excellent