Copper, Chrome, and Black Glass Art Deco Smoking Set Attibuted to Hagenauer c. 1930’s

This is a beautiful chromed bronze hound, unsigned but undoubtedly by Hagenauer, mounted on black glass and with a pair of copper cigarette pots and accompanying ashtray. Its quite the showpiece-very glamorous.

Carl Hagenauer, a trained gold and silversmith founded the Hagenauer workshop in 1898 and was one of the first metal workers to embrace the new shapes of the Art Nouveau era. His sons joined the practice and it florished and exported its goods around the world.. The firm concentrated first on making sculptures which were usually handmade and in brass. Hagenauer then designed a coffee service and an elegant tea set that showed their penchant for simple, functional shapes. A series of African warriors, dancers and children demonstrate, in contrast, Europe’s interest in exotic cultures and foreign people, most pronounced in the beginning of the 20th Century. The Hagenauer workshop did not create naturalistic depictions, but decorative archetypes like a stylised sitting warrior and an African woman with child. Most coveted in the United States, were the decorative small bronze figurines by Hagenauer, like Felix the Cat as radiator mascot, from 1928, handmade in brass. In the 1950s, they started producing figurines of wood and even had a special furniture line.

I love the look of this piece with its sleek hound and black glass which would look gorgeous on a console and add a splash of deco appeal to your interiors. It has the perfect amount of age and history to give a wonderful sense of history. Divine!


Country: Austria
Creation Date: Circa 1930’s
Materials: Glass, Bronze and Brass
Condition: Good
Height: 7 Inches
Length: 12 inches
Depth: 8 Inches