Modernist Lucite Lighter c 1960’s

This fantastic oversize Lucite lighter is super stylish and would look lovely anywhere in your home and help brighten up a space with its clever reflective surface. Lucite is forever chic-a must in decorating. Its in excellent condition-no scratches.

I love the idea of collecting lighters and this would be a wonderful addition to any collection.

The Modernist movement was from 1918 to 1950 and was considered more a way of thinking than a style. Modernists believed that the design of an object should be based purely on its purpose – that ‘form follows function’.


Country: USA
Creation Date: Circa 196–1970
Materials: Lucite
Height: 3 in. (8 cm)
Length: 6 in. (15 cm)
Depth: 3.5 in. (9 cm)