Pair of Brass Greek Key End Tables with Smoked Glass

I love the use of Greek Key in décor but they important thing is not to overdo it otherwise it becomes too trendy. I think these brass end tables with their lightly smoked glass tops are fabulous and would add the perfect touch to a living room. They would match any type of sofa and have the perfect patina in terms of vintage condition. Chic indeed….

As the name indicates, the origin of this ornamental pattern lies in ancient Greece, where many architectural friezes and pottery vases feature bands of this regular geometric design. The essence of the Greek key is an interlocking rectangular pattern constructed from one continuous line. Most often used as a border or band, this type of style is sometimes known as a “meander”, given the way the lines twist and turn.

There are numerous historical speculations about the source of these meander patterns; one of the most popular is that the design is drawn from Greek mythology and is a physical representation of the labyrinth that imprisoned the fearsome Minotaur. Another theory holds the design is based on the twisting course of the Maeander River through Asia Minor.

Country: France
Creation Date: c. 1970
Materials: Brass and Smoked Glass
Condition: Excellent