Tall Brass and Enamel Crane Sculpture by Boris Lovet-Lorski 1894-1973

Sculptor and graphic artist Lovet-Lorski was born in Lithuania in 1894 and studied art at the Imperial Academy of Art in St. Petersburg where he worked briefly as an architect. In 1920, Lovet-Lorski moved to the United States and settled in New York City and in five years hence received his American citizenship.

During his working life, he achieved prominence as a Modernist sculptor but in view of the fact that his work was mainly commissioned by private clients, his work began to slip into obscurity. A decade after his death, a large selection of his major works of the 1920s and 1930s were discovered in his New York atelier bringing his art into prominence once again.
Lovet-Lorski’s style was eclectic but his work in the Modern style is the most individualistic and impressive. The female nude became his subject whether in marble or as a lithographic print. No other sculptor in America caught the prevailing French Art Deco mood as effectively or poignantly as Lovet-Lorski.
He was an associate member of the National Academy of Design and a member of the National Sculpture Society, as well as the Salons of Paris.

Public collections include: Boston University
Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris
British Museum, London
Columbia University
Los Angeles Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Petit Palais, Paris
San Diego Fine Arts Society
San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts
Seattle Art Museum

I love these elegant cranes with their sleek shape, and black enameled bodies. They intertwine at their necks and their legs curve into a graceful round pedestal.  This sculpture is very  glamorous and would look amazing  anywhere. A dramatic showpiece.

Its quite tall and impressive so l would absolutely put it in an entryway as the focal point, or in a corner of a living room as pride of place.  Cranes have been used throughout design for ages because of their unique form and are considered lucky in Asia.


Country: Lithuania
Creation Date: c.1950
Materials: Brass, and Enamel
Condition: Excelent
Height: 63 inches
Diameter: 12 inches at base